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3 Things That Can Be Done To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Recovering from an accident that led to you having a painful back can take a long time to accomplish, especially if the pain is severe. Although it is your back that is causing the problem, sometimes working on other areas of the body can bring positive results. For instance, you can undergo rehabilitation to work on your entire body for the best results. There are several services that might be performed during your rehabilitation sessions. Take a look at this article for more insight on what you can expect.

1. Your Spine Might Be Manipulated

One of the common reasons for back pain stems from there being a lot of pressure between spinal joints. The pressure builds up from a large amount of air accumulating. During your time at rehab, a specialist might perform spinal manipulation a few times to release the air. You can actually notice results after each session in most cases. When spinal manipulation is being performed, the specialist will simply maneuver your spine in a strategic way that will lead to you hearing popping sounds as the air is being released.

2. Limbs Will Be Exercised by a Specialist

When more oxygen is able to flow through your bloodstream, it can lead to your back pain going away quickly. You must understand that oxygen is needed because it can promote healing as it travels through each body part. In order to increase the oxygen level, a specialist will have to make sure your blood is circulating to the fullest extent. Physical therapy is one of the best methods used for improving blood circulation. Basically, a specialist will assist you with exercising your limbs. By exercising the limbs during rehab sessions, your body will eventually feel better, including the pain in your back.

3. You Might Be Given Assignments to Do at Home

Getting rid of back pain via rehabilitation involves more than attending sessions with a specialist. You must also make sure you are doing things to promote healing when you are at home. A specialist will likely give you assignments after you complete each rehabilitation session. For example, he or she might demonstrate a few exercise routine that you can perform at home. The key to healing is to keep your body active body active no matter how much pain you have been experiencing, as the pain will eventually go away.

For more information, contact local professionals like Staten Island Physical Therapy PC.

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4 Foods That Are Rich In Fiber And Improve Your Heart Health

Some people tend to limit their fiber intake due to the fact that it increases their trips to the bathroom, but not eating enough fiber can cause you to get “backed up” and constipated, which can be very painful if it is serious enough. As you can see, fiber is a very important part of your diet. In fact, it is so important that it has the ability to reduce your overall risk of heart disease by helping to lower your cholesterol levels, lose weight and improve your high blood pressure. Ultimately, for women and men under 50 years of age, the right amount is 25 and 38 grams, respectively. The problem comes in when you (as a male) need to eat more than a dozen slices of whole-wheat bread just to get your daily serving of fiber in. So, what foods are high in fiber so that you can get your fiber intake without over-stuffing yourself?

1. Black Beans

Black beans are probably one of the greatest sources of fiber that you can get in one sitting, as they contain 15 grams of fiber in a single serving (one cup). They work perfect as a topping on your lunch salad, in certain soups, in Mexican dishes (tacos, enchiladas, etc.) or just a side dish at dinnertime.

2. Avocados

One cup of avocado will get you 15 grams of fiber when pureed. There are numerous ways you can prepare and eat an avocado. You can prepare an avocado dip and use it with some veggie sticks or chips, or you can prepare an avocado spread to use on a piece of whole-wheat toast. Alternatively, you can cut it, remove the seed and simply eat half of a raw avocado with some lemon juice and a seasoning of your choice sprinkled on it, which would be equal to 7.5 grams of fiber.

3 & 4. Raspberries and Oatmeal

One cup of cooked oatmeal contains 4 grams of fiber. While this isn’t a ton, it is a great way to start off your morning. Plus, there is a great way to brighten up the oatmeal and make it taste sweeter, while also increasing your fiber intake. One cup of raw raspberries will add 8 grams of fiber to your morning oatmeal. You can sprinkle a few onto your bowl of oatmeal and eat the rest on your way to work or school. This will allow you to get a total of 12 grams of fiber from one breakfast.

For other ideas on how to increase your fiber intake or for a well check-up to see how you are doing, schedule an appointment with a physician at places like Rural Health Services Consortium Inc

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What You Should Do Until Emergency Medical Personnal Arrive After Someone Cuts Their Arm With A Chainsaw

Late fall and early winter are a time when many people are out in the woods cutting up downed trees to use as firewood during the long winter. Unfortunately, this is also the time when many chainsaw accidents happen and people need immediate emergency care even if it’s giving by someone who never gives first aid. If you don’t know first aid and you see someone who has cut their arm with a chainsaw, here is what you should do to determine how serious the wound is and how you should treat it until experienced emergency medical personnel arrive.

Blood Loss

The only thing that will kill a person who has cut their arm with a chainsaw is blood loss. Every chainsaw accident scene will likely be bloody, but not all of them will be life threatening. You need to determine right away if the blood loss is life threatening or not. The easiest way to determine if it is life threatening is by at how the blood is seeping out of the arm. The worst case scenario for blood loss is cutting an artery. A cut artery will spurt the blood out of the wound. A vein will ooze blood out at a slower pace. If you see the blood spurting, the person is in serious trouble.

Apply Pressure to Wound

The first thing you want to do is apply pressure to the wound, and you want to apply it with a sterilized bandage or something similar. Chances are you won’t have sterilized bandages with you. In this case, ask women who might nearby for sanitary napkins you can use. The important thing is that you don’t infect the wound with bacteria.

Raise Arm

You want to make it as hard you can for the heart to pump blood through the wounded arm. Raising the arm makes it harder for the pump to push blood up into the arm and this normally reduces the amount of blood loss. You should raise the arm while applying pressure to the wound.


There are movies out there that show people putting tourniquets on bleeding arms and legs. This is something to be avoided and used only if you can’t stop the bleeding by applying pressure and raising the arm. Cutting off the lower arm from a fresh blood supply allows the blood in the lower arm to deteriorate and become poisonous. The poison could travel to other parts of the body after the tourniquet is removed and can cause serious illness and possible death.

If you do have to apply a tourniquet to slow down the bleeding, you want to record the exact time you do it. This will help the doctors in the emergency room determine how much poison has built up in the lower arm and how they should treat the person who cut their arm so they get well. You should record the time by writing it in military time on the patient’s forehead at the time you apply the tourniquet to the arm. This way, even if the patient passes out due to blood loss, the doctors will be able to determine the amount of poison because they will know how much time has passed since the tourniquet was applied.

Depending on the severity of the accident, take the injured person to an urgent care center like West Ocean City Injury & Illness Center or to a hospital emergency room if need be.

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Do You Want To Look Great For The Holidays? Options That Can Help You

When you are thinking about going home for the holidays, whether it is to see family or to go out to fantastic Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties and celebrations, you may be worried about whether or not you are looking your most fabulous. If you have been working out diligently and trying to eat healthy but still are not quite seeing the results that you are looking for, there are different treatments that can help you to look your best before the holidays roll around. Get to know some of these options so that you can schedule your appointments well in advance of the looming holiday deadline.

Laser Body Sculpting

Laser body sculpting is a minimally invasive medical procedure that can help you if you have a few problem areas or pockets of fat tissue that you just cannot get rid of no matter how much you exercise. While this laser body sculpting procedure is a form of plastic surgery and considered to be a type of liposuction, it is not a major surgical procedure. 

When you go in for laser body sculpting, the plastic surgeon will use a tiny cannula (a small hollow tube) inserted just under the skin. A laser, which is essentially heated light energy, is directed through the tube toward the fat tissue that you are looking to get rid of. The laser heats up and damages the fat cells, causing them to be destroyed and transform to liquid. These cells then drain away and the area is left looking tighter and slimmer.

Laser body sculpting is a great choice if you do not have a lot of time to spend recovering from more invasive plastic surgery procedures and just want to make a few little adjustments to your body to get it looking perfect for the holidays. However, because it does involve a small incision, give yourself time for healing before your big events.

Consider a Body Wrap to Relax and Rejuvenate Your Skin

If you are short on time and/or do not want to go through a surgical procedure, even a minimally invasive one, before the holidays, you could instead opt for a body wrap. Body wraps are designed to get toxins out of your skin and help to rejuvenate and bring back moisture and a youthful glow to your body.

These body wraps are often performed at spas or dermatologist’s offices and will require you to lay still and relax while the wrap is allowed to soak into your skin and pull out the toxins and impurities that have settled into it. This can be a great way for you to unwind and do something great for your skin and body. And while you are at it, if you want to look even more phenomenal for your holiday events, get a facial as well. Winter can be hard on your skin, especially your face, so a facial can help give you that healthy glow you want when you are trying to look your best.

Now that you have a few ideas of how you can help yourself look great for the holidays, you can book your appointments and get started right away. Contact a clinic like Dr. Robert Fortino Premier Weight Loss Physicians to get started.

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Diagnosed With Early Stage Lung Cancer? What Are Your Best Treatment Options?

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with Stage I or II lung cancer, you may be feeling a mix of emotions — from shock and raw fear at one of the most intimidating cancer diagnoses possible to rueful relief at being diagnosed early enough to figuratively dodge the Stage IV bullet. While early stage lung cancer is a serious condition in need of an immediate treatment plan, your odds of long-term recovery are much more positive, and you may even be able to delay more invasive treatment in some cases. Read on to learn more about what your diagnosis means as well as some of the most beneficial lung cancer treatment options for early stage lung cancer. 

What does your diagnosis mean in terms of severity?

Although the lines between cancer stages can sometimes be blurred, Stage I lung cancer involves cancer cells solely confined to one or both lungs, while Stage II cancer can include cases in which cancer cells have spread to nearby lymph nodes. In contrast, Stage III and IV cancer has usually been given more time to spread and these cancer cells have set up outposts in the lymph nodes and other organs or even bones.

By catching your cancer while it’s still relatively contained, you’ll have a greater likelihood of success with any of your treatment options — from surgical excision of tumors to chemotherapy or radiation to shrink them or even just “watchful waiting” to ensure they don’t grow or spread. Depending on how fast your cancer appears to be growing and your overall health, your oncologist may recommend one or more treatment paths in combination — often either radiation then surgery or simultaneous radiation and chemotherapy. 

Those who are younger and in good health may have more aggressive treatment than their older or sicklier counterparts, even if their cancer is less widespread, because their bodies are better able to handle the potential side effects of radiation and chemo (from hair loss to nausea and vomiting). 

When should you delay treatment of your lung cancer? 

In some cases, it can make sense to put treatment off for a short period, especially if your cancer is a slow-growing variety or was caught very early. For example, if you’re a heavy smoker and know you’ll need to quit in order for your tumor removal surgery to be successful, you may want to put off surgery for a few months to give your lungs a chance to heal from years or decades of smoke exposure before being operated upon, while women who are diagnosed during pregnancy may want to opt to put off treatment until after they’ve given birth rather than be prematurely induced or undergo a medical termination. 

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2 Care Tips To Prevent Your Hearing From Howling When Wearing It

A fully functional hearing aid can work well to help make the smallest of sounds more audible for you. However, hearing aids can often have issues of their own if they are not properly maintained and cared for. One of the more common issues is howling. This sound makes it difficult for you to distinguish between different sounds and words when you are wearing your hearing aid. Luckily, there are a few care tips that you can use to ensure that you do not have to deal with howling when wearing your hearing aid.

Remove Ear Wax from Your Ears and Hearing Device Regularly

Earwax is one of the easiest ways to disrupt a hearing device. An accumulation of ear wax can create external noise that makes it difficult to hear anything. The wax does this because it interferes with the fit of your hearing device. Instead, of fitting snuggly, your earwax will create a gap between the device and your ear. Excess air passes through this gap and creates what sounds like a howling sound. In order to prevent this, you should remove ear wax from your ear and hearing device on a weekly basis. You can use a dry cloth to do this. If you have more extreme buildup, then you can use a dampened q-tip to not only clean inside your ear but reach areas on your hearing device.

Have Your Audiologist Check the Fit Regularly

The way that your hearing aids fit can change regularly. This is often caused by a number of factors including weight loss. Therefore, if your hearing aids begin to fit loosely, then it is recommended to see your audiologist as soon as possible. If the change in fit is minor, then they will be able to tweak your hearing device that same day. If the change in fit is too extreme, then you may need to be fit with a new mold and device. In order to avoid this, it is important to have the fit of your hearing device checked on a regular basis. This may occur twice a year or even once a year. A poorly fitting device will most often result in howling noise that you are currently experiencing.

The howling noise that is common in poorly fitting hearing devices is frustrating to deal with. Therefore, use these simple care tips to make sure you do not have to deal with it much longer. For more information, talk to a professional like Hearing Health Clinic.

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Want To Scare Everyone This Halloween? Tips To Make Yourself Spooky

Halloween is a fun time for children and adults to get all dressed up. If you want to scare people with your costume this year, there are many ways you can make yourself look extra spooky. Below are two of these ways to help you get started.

Colored Eyes

When people look at someone the first thing they will likely notice is their eyes. For this reason, you should start out by making your eyes look spooky. You can do this by purchasing some colored contact lenses. This can be beneficial if you currently wear glasses and have been considering getting contacts to replace them, as it would help you see how they would feel on your eyes.

If you do want contacts, visit your eye doctor to get regular contacts and then order a second pair of colored contacts along with them. There are a wide variety of colors you can choose.

Because you want to make your eyes look spooky, you could get white contacts and dress up like a zombie. Dress up like a vampire and choose completely black or red contacts to make you look even scarier. Red contacts with a black cape can make your eyes really stand out. These are just a few of the colors you could choose.

If you are interested in this, visit your eye doctor or an optometrist in your area. You can purchase prescription colored contacts, as well as non-prescription if you have good eyesight.

Monster Hands

Monster hands go great no matter if you are dressing up like a zombie, Dracula, or any other scary thing. There are latex-colored gloves that have long, colored nails on them. Choose a grey color to make your hands look dead along with nails that match your eyes.

Liquid latex can be used to make yourself look any way you want, including making your hands look wrinkly. Liquid latex can also be used to put open sores on your hands. If you do not want to do this yourself, some Halloween stores may have experienced makeup artists on staff to help customers with their costume makeup. While you are at it, add some wrinkles or bloody sores to your face as well.

These are just two ways you can make yourself look scary. Look online or visit costume stores for some ideas on great costumes you can purchase or make on your own. 

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