Birthday Celebrations In The Nursing Home

Having a loved one in a nursing home can be hard on everyone.  It can be especially difficult during times when family typically comes together on special occasions.  Don't let the fact that your loved one is in a different setting get in the way of your celebration, especially when it comes to celebrating their birthday. Facility Monthly Birthday Celebrations Nursing homes might choose to celebrate resident birthdays in their own way.

Important Information About Laser Hair Removal For Unwanted Facial Hair

If you are a woman who has ever been embarrassed by your chin hair, sideburns or mustache, laser hair removal may be the solution you have been hoping for. While shaving, waxing or creams may be sufficient to remove the more abundant hair from other body parts, the skin on your face is more likely to be irritated by those standard treatments. In addition, because the hair grows so quickly and can become obvious within a few hours, managing facial hair is very challenging.

Quitting Smoking: A Treatment For Hand Eczema?

Also called atopic dermatitis, eczema is a skin condition characterized by itchy patches of skin that can be reddish to grayish in color. The most common treatments for eczema include anti-itch medications and creams, warm baths, cool compresses and moisturizers for the skin. Quitting smoking might be another effective eczema treatment, especially for flare-ups on the hands. The Link Between Eczema and Smoking Smokers are more likely to develop symptoms of eczema, most notably on the hands.