In-Home Care for a Parent with the Early Signs of Alzheimer's

If your parent is starting to show the early warning signs of Alzheimer's and you are worried that they need to be checked on daily, it may be time for in-home care. There are a lot of signs and symptoms alerting you of the problem, and there are many advantages to having a medical professional stop by the house daily.

If you can't be with your parent every day, or you can't always be there to meet their needs, the medical care they get at home can bring you some relief. Here are a few things the medical expert will do.

Administer Medication

If your parent is starting to get confused with time or they don't always remember what they are supposed to take, there can be a problem when it comes to medication. The nurse that comes to the home can check to make sure they are taking their medication at the scheduled time, and to ensure they are getting the medication that they need.

Check Vitals

If your parent isn't feeling well or they are having a difficult time expressing themselves, they may not be able to communicate with you that they don't feel well. The medical expert is going to check their vitals to make sure they don't have high or low blood pressure, an increased heart rate, a fever, or other obvious signs of struggle or illness.

The medical professional can notice irregularities and other medical concerns that you may not notice when visiting your parent, and this could save their life.


Your parent may go through some type of mental or physical therapy to help with their Alzheimer's symptoms. The medical professional is going to know how to do this properly, to ensure they get the best treatment, and will benefit them to do the treatment with someone other than their children.

It can be a lot of stress and pressure when you have to take care of your parent full-time, and you may not be ready for the challenge. Hiring a medical professional for in-home care allows you to continue being the child, so you can support your parent without having to care for them around the clock. There are many different in-home care medical facilities you can look at, such as ComForcare Home Care - Tigard, OR,so you'll want to talk with your parent's physician, and insurance company to get the request for in-home treatment approved.