3 Things You Didn't Know Can Cause Oral Cancer

Each year in America there are more than 45,000 people diagnosed with oral cancer, and you don't want to increase your risk to be a part of the statistic. Seeing a dentist regularly can help you maintain your oral health, but you may have bad personal habits that are causing you to be at a higher risk of developing an oral health condition.

Although dentists don't know all of the factors that increase the risk or cause oral cancer, research is helping dental professionals find new causes regularly. Here are three things that you may not even know are putting you at the risk of developing oral cancer.


Using a mouthwash that has alcohol in it excessively throughout the day, and throughout your lifetime can increase the risk or even possibly cause oral cancer. When choosing a mouth rinse to improve your oral hygiene, choose a product that doesn't contain alcohol, and look for the American Dental Association seal on the bottle. The seal lets you know the mouth wash is safe.


Human papillomavirus that is spread most commonly through the genitals during sexual intercourse can become an oral concern, and can spread throughout the throat and mouth. If you know that you or your partner have HPV, and you have participated in oral sex, you may want to get to the dentist to see if you have any cells that need examined. Sores or warts throughout the mouth and throat can be signs of oral HPV.

Wine, Beer and Liquor

The night cap that you enjoy after a long day of work or the beer that you have while you are hanging out with friends could be increasing your risk of oral cancer, and could be the culprit of your oral cancer problems down the road. Many alcoholic beverages like wine will also stain the teeth and erode the enamel.

If you see your dentist twice a year like you should, it will be easy for them to notice an odd marking in your mouth, and to detect oral cancer at the earliest stages. If you don't see a dentist, you want to make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned, and to make sure your oral health is well. Early detection and treatment is going to be the best thing if you are suffering from an oral health condition like cancer, so get to the dentist if you have any concerning issues.

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