Pediatric Care | Making IV Poles More Child-Friendly

Whether you are in charge of ordering patient care supplies in a pediatric unit of a hospital or treat children in a smaller-scale office setting, you already know that taking care of kids in the medical world calls for specialized equipment. One piece of equipment that is a common staple in medical facilities where children are the usual patients is the traditional IV pole. Keeping intravenous solutions properly elevated is a must and the IV pole is a necessity because of this. However, the traditional style is not always so kid-friendly. Here are a few innovative ideas to make sure your pint-sized patients have an IV pole more suitable for them.

Opt for Full Height Adjustment IV Poles – Make sure your pediatric patients have full mobility with IV poles that are fully height adjustable. The last thing a little one needs is a top heavy IV pole towering several feet over their head and a fully adjustable unit will be easy to bring down to their size with just the turn of a knob.

Check Out Pediatric IV Pole Replacement Wheels – The wheels on the traditional IV pole are not all that friendly to little feet that can get in the way, often posing the hazard of pinched toes. You can swap out the existing wheels with closed-ball wheels designed especially for children. These are usually available in fun colors and styles and are a snap to put on, needing only a few screws and a screwdriver.

Consider Flexible IV Pole Extensions – When you are treating children, their comfort and maneuverability will be of the utmost importance. You can add flexible, silicone-coated IV pole extensions to existing units so a patient can be more mobile and comfortable in spite of being hooked up to a line. These extensions attach to the pole with a bracket and are simple to remove when not in use.

Get Creative and Crafty – If all else fails and there is not room in the budget for new IV poles or parts, you and your medical staff can always get creative and give the equipment a new look that kids will appreciate. Feather boas, felt strips, and even googly eyes can be used to reinvent the IV poles you already have. Give them faces and hair, wrap the poles in colorful felt, or even grab some paint pens and give the poles a new, kid-friendly look.

Even though IV poles may be a necessity in your pediatric healthcare setting, there is nothing saying that they have to be dull and boring. Check out a medical supply store for special ways you can make sure the IV poles you have are just what you need for treating children.