Three Changes You Can Make Around Home To Help Your Back Pain

A consultation appointment, followed by a series of chiropractic adjustments, can be an effective way to address the back or neck pain that's been affecting your quality of life. Regular visits to the chiropractor allow him or her to adjust your body to help bring it back into proper alignment, which can fix a wide range of physical ailments. You don't need to wait for each chiropractic appointment to help your body; by adopting some healthy lifestyle changes in between your treatments, you can positively contribute to the health of your body. Here are three areas to address.

Sleeping Habits

Lying in an improper position while you sleep can push your back out of alignment and cause pain. It's ideal to be able to sleep on your back, if possible. Provided your mattress provides the right degree of support, lying on your back will help you maintain your spine's proper curve and avoid twisting it into an unnatural position. A second suitable sleeping position is on your side with your knees slightly bent. It's best to slip a pillow between your knees, as doing so prevents your top leg from moving forward and pulling your back into an awkward position. If you can avoid sleeping on your front, your back will thank you. This position can compress the discs and lead to pain.

Get Regular Exercise

Being sedentary for long periods can be detrimental to the health of your back, so getting up and committing to exercise is a positive way to lessen your discomfort. Cardiovascular exercises are effective given their healing properties; this form of exercise increases your blood flow and strengthens your postural muscles, both of which positively contribute to back pain. Find exercises that you can perform comfortably. Something as simple as walking can be hugely beneficial as you work to build a healthier back. Performing a series of back stretches can also be effective.

Improve Your Diet

Crafting a better diet can be beneficial for your back pain. Eating foods that offer plenty of vitamins and minerals can improve the health of your bones and muscles. Calcium, which contributes to bone health and is found in dairy products and green leafy vegetables, is important. Iron, useful for the health of your body's cells, can be found in foods such as red meat, grains and leafy vegetables. Vitamin C, which aids in the growth of connective tissue, is prevalent in many fruits, including citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons.

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