Three Really Good Reasons For Visiting A Family-Owned Pharmacy Over A National Chain

Although you can access a national chain pharmacy just about anywhere in the country, you will not receive the level of service you get from a family owned pharmacy. These small, locally-owned and operated pharmacies provide so much to a community that is valuable. If you have any doubts about that, here are three really good reasons for visiting a family-owned pharmacy over a national chain.

Your Patronism Supports Small Business Owners

Small business owners cannot compete with national chains because they do not have the reach that the chain pharmacies do. Without your patronism, these small business owners would fail, causing them to close up shop and put people out of work. Your visits to their "mom and pop" pharmacy is the lifeblood of their business, and you keep them in business by coming back.

Your Business Keeps "Main Street, USA" Alive

Most of the Main Streets in the U.S. consist of several locally owned shops that can only thrive if consumers continue to shop "downtown on Main Street." Independent pharmacies are the backbone of this iconic street, found in nearly every city and contributing immensely to the sales of medicines and other goods. Independent pharmacies are actually responsible for forty percent of all prescription fills, and about ninety percent of the total retail sales when compared to the chains. Without your business and the business of thousands of other consumers, small shops like independent pharmacies would go out of business entirely. That all starts with you, the consumer, choosing to shop and patronize these small businesses over running to the mall for all of your holiday needs.

The Service You Receive Is More Personalized

To most national drug store chains, you are just a face or a number or a prescription label. Most family-owned pharmacies have a smaller list of customers who frequent the store and who the pharmacists, technicians and cashiers all know. They greet you by name, help you discreetly with personal questions and products, and often have a system that sends you reminder calls or texts to have your prescriptions filled. Some smaller drug stores still have pharmacists who personally call every customer and ask if they would like their medications refilled and ready for pick-up later that same day, while others have a pharmaceutical and grocery delivery service that brings everything to your door at the precise time you need it and want it so that you never have to remember to pick it all up after work.