The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Corrective Eye Surgery With Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that negatively affects the eyes and eyesight over time. Those who suffer from glaucoma are at significant risk of losing their eyesight over time due to pressure on the optic nerve. If you suffer from this disease but you want to improve your eyesight, it is possible to get corrective eye surgery to decrease your sight issues. Here are some pros and cons of selecting corrective eye surgery when you have glaucoma.

Con: Getting qualified can be difficult

One of the problems with correcting vision for glaucoma through surgery is becoming qualified. In order to get qualified for the surgery, you should get the OK from your regular optometrist and you must see a corrective laser surgery practitioner. If one of the two parties say no, you may have a difficult time finding permanent eye correction. Before asking to be qualified, get your body into better shape and take inventory on how your eyes have been doing over the past few months. If there have been no further issues, you may wish to ask for the OK from your doctor.

Pro: No worries about glasses and contacts

If it turns out that you are a candidate for corrective surgery, you can save a lot of time and money on examinations and trading out your prescription glasses for another pair. As eyesight begins to degenerate, your eye glass prescription cost will become more expensive. Having to trade in your eyeglasses several times a year can get expensive and confusing. Surgery will cure this need.

Con: Healing will take some extra time

With glaucoma and issues with the optic nerve, laser eye surgery healing will take a little extra time. In usual eye laser surgery procedures, there is the use of slight suction, which can be detrimental to those who have glaucoma. A different procedure will need to be used to stay away from putting any extra pressure on the eye. This, plus the problems from glaucoma mean that you will need to spend a longer amount of time healing. Make sure that you schedule time off of work and have someone to help you around the home, as you would do with any other major surgery. 

Pro: Eye surgery provides better correction

Patients who have glaucoma may see a level of correction that is very similar to those who do not have glaucoma. For those who are interested in improving their sight for good and handling the change that glaucoma bring, being able to see well can help improve quality of life. Corrective eye surgery can provide the positive life changes that some glaucoma patients need to continue with life as usual.