Your Baby's Cold: When To Call The Pediatrician

Although adults may weather a cold without the assistance of a doctor, babies are more susceptible to complications from a cold. If your baby comes down with a cold, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for. Contact your child's pediatrician immediately if you notice your baby suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned below. 

A Fever Develops 

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) parents of infants age 2 months and under should contact their child's pediatrician as soon as they notice a fever is present. The FDA goes on to say that fevers higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit in children older than 2 months also require a call to the doctor. 

Loss of Appetite

Babies are especially at risk of becoming dehydrated when they refuse to eat. Contact the pediatrician's office and let them know if you spot any of the following dehydration symptoms: fewer than six wet diapers in a day, dry mouth, few to no tears when crying, loose stools, decreased play, and sunken soft spots. 

Persistent Coughing 

Another time when it is important to contact your doctor of pediatrics is when your baby has persistent coughing spells, coughs up blood, or has coughs that are still present after three days. It is possible that the infant is suffering from croup as well. The doctor will be able to prescribe a course of treatment after seeing your little one, which may include anything from a steroid medication to open up the airways to breathing treatments using a nebulizer. 

Discomfort in the Ear

It is not uncommon for an infant to develop an ear infection after having a cold. Watch your baby for signs of ear discomfort, such as tugging on the ear. It is better to have a pediatrician examine your baby's ears to ensure there is no damage to the ear drum.  

Excessive Fussiness

One sign that your baby may be suffering from something a little more severe than the common cold is excessive fussiness. If your infant won't let you put him or her down, or is crying regularly without being able to fall asleep, you need to get over to see the pediatrician. 

It is always a good idea to follow your parental instincts as well. If your baby seems off and you'd feel better having him or her looked over, then give a pediatrician, like those at Entira Family Clinics, a call and set up an appointment.