Four Ways To Supplement Herniated-Disc Treatment At Home

If you have a herniated disc in your back, it is very important that you seek professional treatment from a doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor. While this treatment should be effective, that does not mean you can't do a little more on your own to speed up your recovery and ease your pain even further. To that end, here's a look at four great ways you can supplement your herniated-disc treatment at home.

Use a heating pad.

A heating pad is an electronic device that warms up when turned on. You can purchase one for just a few dollars at the pharmacy and hold it against the sore area on your back throughout the day. The heat helps relax the muscles around the damaged disc, which alleviates a lot of the tightness and makes moving around easier. If your therapist has recommended you do certain exercises to help your disc heal, apply the heating pad beforehand as this will make the exercises more effective and less likely to cause soreness.

Put a pillow under your back.

When you are sleeping or otherwise lying down, try putting a thin pillow, or even a folded blanket, under the small of your back. This will help give your back a little more support, so you don't wake up in the morning with it feeling so strained and tired. Just make sure the pillow is not so thick that it causes your upper back to lift off of the bed or couch; this could make matters worse.

Have a friend massage you--gently.

You should avoid any heavy, deep tissue massage unless it is performed by a knowledgeable professional. However, you can have a friend or partner lightly massage your back, especially around the sore area. Have them first apply oil to allow their fingers to move over your skin more smoothly. Massage helps increase the circulation to the area, which can help speed the healing process.

Try meditation to alleviate pain.

For many people, meditating and focusing on deep breathing can help relieve pain, including pain related to a herniated disc. Try closing your eyes, listening to soothing music, and letting your mind clear itself. If you have trouble meditating on your own, you can look up guided meditation videos on YouTube. Look specifically for ones intended for pain relief. If you spend just 20 or 30 minutes meditating each day, you should notice results.

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