3 Lifestyle Tips For Managing Headaches

Headaches can not only be annoying; they can decrease your quality of life if you get them too often. Combating and getting rid of chronic headaches often involves lifestyle changes as well as working with your primary care physician and neurologist to get rid of your headaches. Here are a few lifestyle changes you can make on your own.

#1 Be Mindful Of The Food You Eat

Some foods are known to trigger headaches. Common foods that are known to trigger headaches include lunchmeat and red wine. Lunchmeats contain nitrates, which trigger headaches. Red wine contains two chemicals sulfites and tannins, that are also known to trigger headaches.

The foods that trigger your headaches could be completely different. Keep a diary of what you eat for a month. Every time you get a headache, go back and look at what you ate before. Put a special mark or highlight the meals that preceded you getting a headache. After a month, see if a pattern emerges in the foods you eat and when you get headaches. If you notice that you always get a headache after eating a certain food, cut that food or foods out of your diet and see if that helps.

Keeping a food diary can also help you make sure that you are eating enough. Skipping meals or waiting too long in between meals can cause you to get headaches as well.

#2 Increase Your Consumption Of Water

Do not only watch what you eat, watch what you drink as well. Staying hydrated is important in the fight against managing your headaches. Being dehydrated can harm your body. Headaches are a common side effect of dehydration.

The amount of water you need varies based on your height, weight and fitness level. Start by documenting how much water you drink now, and work on gradually increasing the amount of water you drink until you notice your headaches decrease.

Many people find carrying a water bottle around with them all day a great way to increase the amount of water they drink. You can also try drinking a glass of water before or with each meal to increase your water consumption. Try turning to water over other drinks when you feel thirsty.

#3 Get Active

Headaches can also be caused by inactivity as well as stress. If you sit at your desk all day looking down at your computer, that action could strain your neck, leading to headaches. Working out is a great way to use your muscles. Working out can help relieve physical stress in your body. Working out can also release endorphins, which can help you manage any emotional stress you are feeling as well.

If you suffer from frequent headaches, monitoring what you eat and drink, as well as getting in some more physical activity as all steps you can take to manage your condition. Make sure you do so with the help of your doctor and neurologist, who can provide you with more targeted neurological services and treatments to help you manage your headaches.