That Sounds Right: Saving Money On Hearing Aids

Hearing problems equate to much more than just missing out on conversation. There are many ways that individuals are affected by not being able to hear. Loneliness, emotional problems, and a decrease in employment opportunities are just a few of the ways that these problems rear their ugly head. Fortunately for some, hearing aids can help to offset the problem. However, hearing aids usually come with a hefty price tag that can be difficult to cover. Here are a few ways to get around the cost.

1. Get Your Hearing to Good Enough. Some people believe that their hearing isn't fine-tuned enough until they can hear a pin drop in Central Station. The reality is that you do not need to hear every little thing that happens in your home and office most of the time. Sometimes good enough is exactly that. One way that you can save on hearing aids is to avoid top-of-the-line technology and settle for something that may be older or not as popular. Maybe it is not the most slim or invisible hearing aid, but it does the job. If you can get over the fact that people will know you have a hearing aid, you can actually save a lot of money.

2. Get an Adjustment Instead of a Replacement. A common practice of some individuals is to get new hearing aids every time they feel theirs are no longer up to date. This can be a very costly practice that is totally avoidable. Instead of getting a replacement every year or so, simply return to your audiologist and get your hearing aids recalibrated. This may not be a free service, but it will usually be considerably cheaper than new hearing aids. 

3. Payment Plans. Another option that many audiologists offer is the use of payment plans. Paying for hearing aids in one lump sum can be quite expensive, so instead consider making several small payments. This can help you to avoid breaking the bank while not sacrificing your hearing.

4. Insurance Coverage. One thing that many people are sometimes unaware of is the fact that many insurance companies offer hearing aid coverage. Medicare is no exception. Many advantage plans are now offering hearing aid coverage as a perk to get seniors to join their plans. Before you make any significant purchases from your audiologist, call your insurance provider to see what they cover.

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