A Better Night's Sleep For You And Your Spouse

Slipping into bed at night should be effortless and you and your spouse deserve a restful night of sleep that doesn't include the squeaking of your bed frame or concerns that the wooden or metal frame will crack or bend, due to excessive weight being applied to the material that the frame is constructed of. If you and your partner would like to upgrade the furnishings in your bedroom, shop for a 1050lb capacity bed frame that contains features that will make it simple to set up your sleeping area.

A Solid Steel Frame

A high weight capacity frame that is constructed of solid steel will provide support throughout each evening and you won't be subjected to being awakened due to the sound your frame makes when you shift your body or the worries associated with damaging your frame, due to your and your spouse's collective weight. A solid steel frame may contain a series of metal bars or slats that run across the length of a frame or thinner steel pieces that are overlapped, to create a grid-like surface.

If you and your partner tend to keep your bedroom's setting consistent and you have no plans on rearranging furnishings, once your new frame, mattress, and bedding are set up, invest in a high weight capacity frame that is one solid piece and that contains a bulit-in headboard.

For a more versatile arrangement, which will allow to move your bed with ease or use your bed in an alternate setting, such as a vacation home, look for a foldable frame model or one that contains steel casters along its base. With a caster style frame, the steel frame and the casters will each have a weight limit that can safely be applied to the materials. A bedding store owner who sells high weight capacity items will advertise the limit of each item.

Comfort For Extended Sessions In Bed

If you or your spouse's obesity is associated with a medical condition or if unhealthy eating habits have resulted in poor posture, discomfort in the lower back region, and difficulty staying asleep at night, a memory foam mattress or one that contains air pockets and a cooling sheath can make each sleeping experience better than what was previously encountered.

Look at your new frame to determine its dimensions and purchase a mattress that fill fit on top of the frame. Buy a new bedding set, stacked pillows, and eye masks to utilize during normal evenings or on occasions when you or your loved one are feeling poorly and plan on spending an extended amount of time in bed. Learn more from a company like Joerns Healthcare today.