Benefits Of A Weight Loss Program Over Private Coaching

If you have decided you need a little help losing weight, there are two approaches you can take. One approach is to seek out a personalized diet and fitness coach. Another approach is to enroll in a weight loss program that is more group-focused with group instruction and meetings. While personalized coaching works for some people, group weight loss programs do tend to be the better choice for many. Here are a few advantages of group weight loss programs over private coaching.

You get support from people in your shoes

Yes, a private coach is there to lend you support. And sometimes, they might be someone who lost a lot of weight in the past and can therefore relate to your struggles. However, they're probably not pursuing substantial weight loss right now. When you enroll in a group weight loss program, you not only get the support of a coach or leader but also support from other group members who are in your same shoes. They can commiserate with you on the challenges of weight loss, make you feel heard, and understand your struggles in a way that will make you feel reassured and confident. It's much easier to lose weight when you have others doing it alongside you!

You'll benefit from others' questions

Weight loss is more complicated than you might think. There may be times when you're not sure if you can eat a certain food, times when you need to know about workout substitutes, and other times when you're just not sure what a term means. Sometimes, you might have questions or misunderstandings that you weren't even aware of until someone else in the group asks a question. In other words, enrolling in a group weight loss program allows you to benefit from the questions others ask — and their answers.

You can see what's working for others

When you're part of a group weight loss program, you can talk to others and see how they make the program work for them. One member might tell you how they've managed to squeeze a workout in between work and school. Another may tell you how they made their plain oatmeal taste better without adding calories. You can pick up so many tips and tricks from others!

If you really want a lot of personalized help and attention, you can certainly work with a personal fitness coach. But otherwise, enrolling in a group weight loss program may be a better choice.