Got Hearing Aids From Your Audiologist? 4 Great Maintenance Tips For Them

Hearing aids are a crucial gadget for people with partial hearing loss, and they contain three components. The first is the microphone that receives sounds from the environment and converts them into digital signals. Hearing aids also have an amplifier that increases the strength of the digital signal and a speaker that produces a clear and amplified sound into the ear. You will have problems with your hearing aid if anything damages any of these three parts. Therefore, it is advisable to run maintenance checks on your hearing aids to keep them in good condition. 

Cleaning and Earwax Removal

The hearing aids spend many hours inside your ear canal. It is natural for the ear to accumulate earwax throughout the day. Naturally, the ear produces wax to stop debris from the environment from building up inside the ear. However, when you have a hearing aid most of the day, you interrupt the natural self-cleaning. The earwax can build up around the part of the hearing aid facing the eardrum. The wax can infiltrate inside the hearing aid and damage the speaker. It is, therefore, advisable to constantly clear any wax buildup so that the gadget can serve you longer.

Avoiding Getting the Aids Wet

Hearing aids are electronic devices, and water has a huge negative impact on them. Often, people forget that they have their hearing aids on when jumping in the pool or taking a shower. Many hearing aids are water-resistant, which means they can withstand rain and sweat. However, they are not waterproof, and this means that they will get damaged when you fully submerge them in water. 

Changing the Earwax Filter

The hearing aid has a built-in earwax filter meant to stop wax from getting to the speaker. The speaker is the part of the hearing aid closest to the eardrum. Therefore, the filter creates a barrier between the inside of the speaker and your ear. However, when the filter collects too much wax, it becomes less effective. Most hearing aid manufacturers make the filter simple to install and replace, making it easier to handle the two processes by yourself. 

Handling Them with Care

The hearing aid is still fragile. Some modern designs are so small that you can fit the entire gadget inside the ear canal. However, you still have to handle the hearing aid with care when inserting, removing, and cleaning it. 

How you handle hearing aid maintenance determines how long it will serve you without getting damaged. Learn proper handling and maintenance, and your device will last and serve you excellently for decades. Reach out to a professional to learn more about hearing aid maintenance.