Avoid The Relapse: Signs You Need To Start Another Addiction Treatment Program

If you've gone through treatment for a previous addiction, you might think that you'll never need treatment again. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily the case. Recovering from an addiction is an ongoing process, and it is one that can require repeat sessions from time to time. Now that the holidays are here, you might find yourself facing daily struggles to avoid a stumble. Don't take any chances. Read the list provided below. If you're experiencing any of the following warning signs, now's the time to sign up for an addiction treatment program. 

You've Reverted to Old Patterns

During your initial addiction treatment program, you learned techniques to help you avoid temptation. Those techniques are designed to protect you from relapse. Unfortunately, when you revert to old patterns of behavior, those techniques become difficult to adhere to. When that happens, you can find yourself facing a relapse. If you've fallen back into old patterns, such as associating with old party buddies or hanging out in previous party joints, you need to seek help through an addiction treatment program as soon as possible. 

You've Stopped Attending Meetings

When you completed your addiction treatment program, you were probably put in contact with addiction recovery groups in your area. Those groups are designed to help you avoid relapse. However, you do need to attend those meetings on a regular basis. If you've stopped attending your weekly meetings, and you're avoiding all contact with your sponsor, now might be time to seek help from an addiction recovery treatment program. You might be on the brink of a relapse. However, the right treatment program can help you avoid that. 

You've Alienated Friends and Family

When you're a recovering addict, your friends and family can become your biggest support group. That's because your friends and family members want you to succeed in your battle against addiction. If you've recently separated yourself from your friends and family, or you've alienated them with your behavior, it's time to get help. It's not uncommon to alienate your friends and family during a relapse. Treatment can help get you back on track. 

You've Already Fallen off the Wagon

If you've already fallen off the wagon, you might think that your recovery is a lost cause. Luckily, that's not the case. You might have fallen off the wagon, but you don't need to stay there. Contact an addiction treatment program near you. They can help you recover from the relapse.

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