Signs A Weight Loss Program Is Safe And Effective

Losing weight can be difficult. It is often much easier if you're able to follow a specific weight loss program. But unfortunately, not all weight loss programs are created equal. Some are far more safe and effective than others. So, when looking at various weight loss plans, how do you know whether a specific plan shows promise? Here are some key signs to look for.

A reasonable calorie intake.

To lose weight, you ultimately do need to take in fewer calories than you burn. But you also do not want to take it too far. Cut your calorie intake too low, and your metabolism will slow down, plus you may struggle with cravings and binge eating that end up thwarting your weight loss efforts. A good weight loss program will recommend a caloric intake of at least 1200 calories per day. If you're pretty active or plan on being active, you'll probably want a few hundred more calories than that.

Includes all food groups.

Weight loss plans that eliminate entire food groups or huge categories of foods don't tend to be healthy. They can lead to weight loss, but you may not meet your nutritional needs, which could lead to a whole host of other health problems. A weight loss plan that specifies that you should eat less meat or less dairy is probably fine, but one that, for example, forbids from eating anything other than fruit and cabbage is not a wise choice.

Sets specific goals.

"Lose weight," is a goal, but it is not a very specific or actionable goal. People tend to do best when they set more specific and measurable goals. For instance, a more specific goal would be to lose 10 pounds by April, or to lose 1 pound a week until June. A good weight loss plan generally sets up a way for you to create reasonable goals. It may include weekly check-ins, monthly adjustments, or even just periodic meetings where you discuss your progress with others. There should be a way to measure and acknowledge your success along the way, too, as this is what will keep you motivated in moving forward.

There are a lot of great weight loss programs out there. If you keep an eye out for a plan with reasonable calorie requirements, a balanced diet, and a way to set goals, you should soon find one that supports your needs. For more information on weight loss, contact a professional near you.