Do You Know The Signs Of Teen Drug Addiction?

The teen years are saturated with exposure to risky decisions, excessive stress, and high expectations. Although most teens navigate these years with the traditional teen angst and enter adulthood with some learning experiences, others fall into poor decisions, including drug use. Drugs are easier than ever for teens to access and are frequently used as a coping mechanism for stress and demanding situations. If you don't know how to tell if your teen has a potential drug problem, you won't know when to seek addiction treatment. Here are some of the most common indications to watch for.

Suddenly Distant Or Avoidant

Although teenagers frequently spend more time with their friends and in their rooms, they shouldn't be going out of their way to avoid you. Teens that have become more reclusive, avoidant, and distant may have something more going on, such as drug addiction. Be proactive about who your child spends time with, what they do during that time, and any concerns that might raise.

Changing Appearance

In many cases, kids who are struggling with drug addiction exhibit some changes in their appearance as well. You might find that your teen starts losing weight, develops dark circles around their eyes, or seems to have sunken eyes. They may start wearing different clothing, opting for things that are easier to hide drugs and paraphernalia in. In addition, frequent drug use can disrupt normal hygiene routines, so you may notice that your child's general hygiene is suffering as well.

Poor Grades And Academic Performance

As addiction issues worsen, your child's academic performance will often show those signs. You'll see that a student who used to get honor roll designations is suddenly pulling C's and D's in their classes, or you'll start getting calls from the school about skipped classes, missing work, and other problematic behavior. In many cases, the school notices signs of issues before you do, so be attentive to what you hear from the administration and what you see in your child's performance reports.

Lost Interest In Hobbies

Especially for kids who were previously active in sports or recreational activities, drug addiction issues can disrupt that path. If your teen has suddenly quit the football team or stopped going to the horse stables, that's an indication that something's wrong.

Reach out to a local addiction treatment facility as soon as possible if you suspect that your teen has an addiction issue. The sooner you seek treatment, the better the chances that your child will make a full recovery. 

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