3 Harmful Myths About Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are the blue, swollen veins that often show up in patients' legs. They're caused when some veins have difficulty efficiently sending blood to the heart. There are many myths that surround the condition that based on various misconceptions about varicose veins. Some of these myths can actually harm patients who believe them by discouraging them from seeking appropriate medical attention. Take a look at some of the harmful myths about varicose veins and the real facts behind them:

What's Wrong With Your Shoulder? A Look At Common Shoulder Injuries

Is your shoulder feeling stiff or sore? Maybe it's so painful that you can't even lift your arm, or perhaps the soreness is more of a minor annoyance. In either case, it's important to figure out what, exactly, is wrong with your shoulder so that you can pursue the proper treatment. Here's a look at some of the most common shoulder injuries and how they are treated. Bursitis Your bursa are tiny, fluid-filled sacs located between the bones that comprise your shoulder joint.

Multiple Sclerosis, Nose Polyps, And Sinus Infections: Unfortunate Bedfellows

Those who suffer from multiple sclerosis may find themselves also suffering from an increased number of sinus infections. While rarely a serious problem, sinus infections may complicate a person's life if it grows in severity. What is the connection here? People With Multiple Sclerosis Are At An Increased Risk Multiple sclerosis can impact anyone at any time and is a degenerative disease that is invariably fatal. As it eliminates the protective sheaths on a person's nerves and affects their bodies, they suffer from a wide variety of serious health problems.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Help For This Difficult Condition

Do you have recurring pimple-like outbreaks that sometimes turn into painful, infected boils in your groin area or armpits? You may have an unfortunate and relatively rare condition known as hidradenitis suppurativa. While this disorder absolutely requires the regular care of a dermatologist, here are the basics of what you need to know and some suggested at-home treatments. What Are The Symptoms Of Hidradenitis Suppurativa? Small pimples form in areas where the skin in usually abutting other skin.

3 Things That Can Be Done To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Recovering from an accident that led to you having a painful back can take a long time to accomplish, especially if the pain is severe. Although it is your back that is causing the problem, sometimes working on other areas of the body can bring positive results. For instance, you can undergo rehabilitation to work on your entire body for the best results. There are several services that might be performed during your rehabilitation sessions.