Preparing For Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

So, you're having arthroscopic done on your knee. Congratulations – you'll soon be pain free. The prognosis after arthroscopic knee surgery is excellent. However, you will be immobile for a small time and on crutches for at least a few days. Prepare ahead so that both your surgery and recovery time are optimal. Information to Tell Your Doctor It is always best to be honest with your doctor, no matter how inconvenient those truths.

Four Arthritis Problems That May Cause Your Ankle Pain And Home Remedies To Help Deal With It

Ankle pain can be debilitating, and it is usually caused by ankle sprains, but there are other causes of ankle pain that you may want to know how to deal with. This can be different types of arthritis that affect the joints, and other bone problems such as osteoarthritis. There are home remedies that you can use to get relief from these problems. Here are causes of ankle pain and home remedies you may want to try before you go see a specialist, or in combination with other treatments:

Birthday Celebrations In The Nursing Home

Having a loved one in a nursing home can be hard on everyone.  It can be especially difficult during times when family typically comes together on special occasions.  Don't let the fact that your loved one is in a different setting get in the way of your celebration, especially when it comes to celebrating their birthday. Facility Monthly Birthday Celebrations Nursing homes might choose to celebrate resident birthdays in their own way.